The environment of Sierra Morena has an extraordinary and unique landscape, dominated by oaks, olive trees, pine forests and a great variety of fauna and flora. For all these reasons, at La Dehesa Experiences we feel privileged to have such a wonderful environment that is ideal for all kinds of outdoor experiences.

Photo Safari


In this experience you can enjoy the environment in a different way and has different safaris that can be performed depending on the type of...

Wine tasting


This gastronomic experience can be enjoyed within the facilities of the estate. Our professional sommelier Rodrigo Pardo will make you enjoy the...

Wood therapy


Rest is one of the main reasons why our clients choose us for their getaways. In La Dehesa Experiences we have it all...

Horseback Riding Route through
Sierra Morena


Just 10 minutes away from Dehesa Experiences, we have another of the most demanded experiences, the Horseback Riding Route. This activity...

Hiking Route
and Starlight


Hiking experience in a farm in the vicinity of Adamuz suitable for all audiences where you can see the native flora and fauna during the route as well as the...

The magical sound
of the Stars


In this unique experience you can enjoy the starry sky of Sierra Morena, which was declared Staligth by UNESCO in 2012. So you can contemplate...

15 SEP al 20 OCT

La Berrea and Senda
of the Deer


This hiking experience is enjoyed in the Finca de los Montes Comunales, about 6 km away and with an approximate duration of 3 hours, you can also...