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What is Glamping?

This lodging option, also known as luxury camping, can position itself firmly after the pandemic because it is the perfect combination of nature, tranquility and quality of service.

The word "glamping" is a combination of two English words: glamour and camping. The term glamping was made famous by British explorers on the African continent in the 19th century.

At La Dehesa Experiencies we want to offer all this perfect combination, to make your days off something special and unique.

One of the main characteristics of glamping is its originality, where you will enjoy a natural and unique environment with all the comforts and luxury of a five star hotel.

The term glamping was coined by British explorers in the late 19th century. This opened the door to tourism to the African continent. However, the origins of luxury travel can be traced back to kings and kingdoms centuries ago, when the need to travel arose, whether to visit areas under their rule, conquer new lands or lead their army. The king's tent was carried on the back of an animal to its destination, with all the comforts of the palace itself.

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