Starlight Dehesa

Feel the magic of the stars, the enchantment of the firmament and the immensity of the skies of Sierra Morena from our Starlight lodging in Cordoba. A pleasant and entertaining experience that will surprise you. 

Experiencia Starlight

In La Dehesa Experiences

From our Starlight lodging in Cordoba, La Dehesa Experiences, we propose you an unrepeatable experience in the middle of nature. Discover the charm of the best skies, let yourself be dazzled by the brightness of the stars, succumb to the spell of a night walk through the immensity of the natural reserve that is Sierra Morena.

Enjoy an incredible tour that begins with the spectacular sunset in the pasture, which continues with a pleasant walk around our complex, and ends in a perfect spot for stargazing. The best place to learn all about stars and constellations shown in our impressive Starlight sky.

Dare to experience a world of new sensations with this magnificent activity that we have prepared for you in our Starlight lodging in Cordoba. 

What is included

Didactic explanation

Experiencia Starlight

Duration of the activity: 1.5 hours

Spanish. Also in English upon request.
All year round
Nº of Participants
Groups of up to 10 people.
Type of clothing
Casual / Comfortable
What is included

Stargazing with didactic explanation and mythological curiosities by an expert guide.

Meet Antonio Berbén Varón

Expert guide in astronomy and lover of everything related to the universe.

Tireless self-taught and unconditionally passionate about the world of the heavens, the stars, the constellations and the cosmos, Antonio Berbén has devoted much of his life to the study of his favorite hobby, which has led him to make it his profession for several years. Long years that make up an undeniable experience and an undeniable dedication that currently represent a way of life that for him is a great privilege. The privilege of being able to work in what he really loves. His training at TNT Aventura and his work with them for years and at present are the guarantee of experience, professionalism and dedication that our guide will show in his explanations.

Thus, Antonio will know how to discover all the wonders, curiosities, mythology and science of the firmament. But above all, the passion that he will transmit to us in each of the experiences that we offer you from our Starlight accommodation in Cordoba. A passion that leads him to continue training every day and to be up to date in everything related to the wonderful world of the stars.

Development of the activity

At La Dehesa Experiences we are incredibly fortunate to have been recognized as Starlight accommodation in Cordoba, a very special label that gives our guests the opportunity to discover truly spectacular and unpolluted skies, something rare and even scarce.

Sierra Morena is undoubtedly a unique environment for many reasons. And one of them is the immense natural reserve also known as dehesa. The dehesa is shaped as a strategic enclave, a key point where to be able to enjoy the stars in their maximum splendor. Therefore, from our Starlight accommodation in Cordoba, located in the municipality of Adamuz, we propose an activity that will captivate you from the first moment. It is not even necessary to leave the complex of La Dehesa Experiences, because our farm has its own oak forest, where you can walk and freely enjoy the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.


This activity begins at the end of the sunset, an unbeatable moment to enjoy the spectacular sunsets of Sierra Morena. The wide range of warm colors and beautiful shades will give you some amazing postcard images, worthy, of course, to be immortalized. And the fact is that la dehesa dresses up in the twilight of the afternoon. You can't miss it.

Night walk and stargazing

Then, a brief but pleasant and intense walk in the company of our guides, experts in astronomy, who will later give you all the explanations, facts and curiosities about this dazzling sky that reigns over us. Our galaxy hides so many and so many beautiful mythological stories you would be surprised to hear what the stars can reveal to us. Forbidden romances, tender loves, bloody wars, dangerous envy, impossible desires, broken longings... Everything a fantastic world to discover and with which you will be pleasantly impressed. We guarantee it.

A totally different experience

This experience that we offer you from our Starlight accommodation in Cordoba is an original and different experience to what you have done so far. It is a magical walk under the stars that combines the serenity of night hiking with the relaxation and admiration that comes from observing the sky in its stillness, omnipresence and majesty. The Starlight Dehesa experience is suitable for all audiences due to its interactive, educational and entertaining nature. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone will be truly delighted with this fantastic experience. We hope you like as much as we do this beautiful activity that we have prepared for you from our Starlight accommodation in Cordoba. 

In our Starlight lodging in Cordoba you will be able to observe:

Throughout the year

Big Dipper

This constellation is also known as the Major Cart and is one of the constellations that can be observed throughout the year in the northern hemisphere. It is easily recognized because by joining the seven stars that make it up we can clearly see the shape of a chariot, a dipper or a ladle. The Big Dipper is the third largest constellation in our skies.

The stars that make up the dipper of this boreal constellation are Mizar, Alioth, Alkaid, Megrez, Phecda, Merak and Dubhe. The last two are used to locate the famous pole star, which is why this constellation is called circumpolar. The other five main stars, meanwhile, are characterized by their own common motion towards a point in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Mythologically, it is related to the Greek myth of Callisto, a beautiful nymph who made the great mistake of falling in love with Zeus, and whose audacity was punished by Heras, the wife of the supreme Greek God, with the misfortune of wandering eternally through the forests transformed into a bear.

Ursa Minor

This constellation is also observed in the northern hemisphere throughout the year. Like the Big Dipper, its seven stars also form a kind of cart, dipper or ladle almost identical to that of the Big Dipper but this time more inclined.

Its main and best known element is the pole star, also called Polaris. The pole star is the brightest star in the constellation and the most prominent in the firmament. This star is located in the prolongation of the Earth's axis, so it remains almost fixed in the sky and always points to the geographic north pole. Thus, the pole star has been used by travelers and navigators in the past, or even shepherds more recently, as a reference point on their paths and wanderings.

Mythology offers us a version very similar to that of the myth of Callisto and the Big Dipper, this time with the character of Phoenice, transformed into a bear by Artemis, who also fell in love with Zeus.


Perhaps the best known constellation worldwide since, in addition to being one of the brightest and most prominent, it is visible in both hemispheres (in winter in the north and in summer in the southern hemisphere). The Hunter, as this constellation is commonly known, seems to be about to shoot an arrow. The Hunter Orion is near the constellation Eridanus River, and appears to be supported by his two hunting dogs Canis Maior and Canis Minor, as they fight against the constellation Taurus.

According to Greek mythology, Orion claims to be the best hunter in the world. Hera, Zeus' wife, responds by sending him a scorpion, which kills Orion. Zeus decides to put Orion and the scorpion in the sky, thus turning this second character into the constellation Scorpius.

What you should know


Experience suitable and recommended for all ages.

Maximum 10 people.

What to bring?

It is advisable to wear warm clothes and footwear to enjoy this experience.

Cancellation Policy

All experiences are cancellable up to 48 hours before the start of the activity.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our cancellation policy.

Opinions about this experience

Ara Ce Li <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Ara Ce Li From Facebook

Espectacular! Las cabañas son preciosas, cuidadas hasta el último detalle. Lo de la piscina en la terraza es… 😍 Además el entorno es impresionante! Lo recomiendo 100%.

Hugo EB <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Hugo EB From Facebook

Es uno de esos sitios con encanto que solo con verlo te tasmite paz y tranquilidad, estoy deseando poder alojarme y disfrutar de una puesta de sol en la terraza.

Sonia Valdelvira <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Sonia Valdelvira From Facebook

Es un lugar encantador, con todas las comodidades para que te sientas especial, una experiencia maravillosa, lo recomiendo.

Pablo Granell <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Pablo Granell From Facebook

La propuesta de alojamiento es única, un glamping con todos los detalles, vistas únicas, tranquilidad y un servicio cercano y profesional.

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