La Berrea and Senda of the Deer

Listen to the rutting in Sierra Morena, a unique natural spectacle that will pleasantly surprise you.

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We invite you to listen to the rutting in Sierra Morena, in our own pasture. We encourage you to enjoy a spectacle of nature that will not leave you indifferent. A unique opportunity to contemplate, observe and listen to the deer in rutting season. We are sure that this sensational experience, which only happens once a year for a couple of months at most, will lead you to experience the most incredible and inexplicable sensations.

If you are a true nature lover, you can not miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience, listening to the rutting in the middle of such a beautiful place as Sierra Morena, we are waiting for you!

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Expert guide

La Berrea and Senda of the Deer

Duration of the activity: 1.5 hours

Español, inglés (upon request)
September to October
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Maximum 10 persons
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What is included

Walking route with expert guides and binoculars.

Meet Pilar Mármol

Biologist specialized in zoology and with extensive experience as a nature guide.

There is nothing better than listening to the bellowing in the middle of Sierra Morena; even more if it is from the hand of an experienced guide. Pilar Mármol graduated in Biology in 2003 from the University of Córdoba and since then she mixes her love for nature with her work as a teacher on the one hand, and as an environmental technician on the other. Specialized in zoology and with years of experience as a guide in this and other activities related to the environment and all the life in it, Pilar is the ideal company to discover in detail such a unique spectacle as the rut.

Emotional, surprising and often disturbing, our guide will know how to transmit with passion these and many other sensations that will make the experience of listening to the rut a truly memorable one.

Development of the activity

If you love autumn and you are a true nature lover, this is an experience not to be missed. A incomparable natural spectacleto appreciate it even on days of light rain. The pleasant sensation of being in the countryside, feeling the scent of wet earth, with a beautiful autumn sky covered with clouds, and also, having the chance to listen to the bellowing in the middle of Sierra Morena... Is there anything more authentic? Perhaps the fact of knowing that at any moment we can see a wild animal in freedom, something really sensational.

A pleasant walk through the pasture

To begin this fantastic adventure of listening to the bellowing, we will first enjoy the privilege of walking along the Sierra Morena of Cordoba, in the middle of an area recognized as a Starlight Reserve. All this, without the need to leave the vicinity of La Dehesa Experiences. An added value to this activity, since it avoids possible saturation. Something that, on the other hand, favors the fact of not disturbing these beautiful animals and increases the chances of seeing and hearing the wonderful spectacle of the rutting.

A unique show

It is, then, in our little paradise that is La Dehesa Experiences where we can witness this fascinating spectacle of nature, just when the first rains of autumn begin. At the moment when the dawn breaks and the sun is about to go down, suddenly these characteristic sounds so surprising. Sounds difficult to describe, between emotional and challenging and even with a heartbreaking nuance at times, that completely invade the pasture. The silence of nature breaks for a few exciting moments. The bellowing of the stags in rutting season are responsible for this broken silence. The sounds that give name to this unique spectacle of nature that is the rut.

What is the rut

The rut consists of male deer bellowing to announce, both to females and to other rival deer, that they are in the area. The females are left waiting for two males to meet, because when this happens another event takes place that is part of this spectacle and has become a great attraction for lovers of the animal world. It is the epic battles for the favor of the females. When one male meets another, they start to bawl even louder and clash their antlers in a fierce and impressive fight.

The first part of this experience of listening to the bellowing is done during the day, at dusk and when the deer come down to drink in the streams. Therefore, it is much easier to see them. The second is at dusk, in the silence of the night, where the sounds are appreciated with much more strength and intensity. It is also possible to do it at dawn, another peak time to fully enjoy the rutting. 

A true gift of nature

Listening to the bellowing is a unique natural spectacle, live, to which we add the fact of being able to enjoy it in the middle of the Sierra, with animals in freedom. Besides, together with the deer, other animals coexist in this area such as partridges, rabbits, hares, foxes and badgers, very easy to see; and also wild boars and lynxes, although it is less frequent to meet them. Are you ready to be impressed by this unique experience of listening to the rutting in Sierra Morena?

Cervus elaphus


The Cervus elaphus or common deer is a widespread species that populates a large part of the European and Eurasian bush areas. For this reason, it is also known as European red deer, although its nicknames are numerous: red deer, red deer, deer. To date, there are more than 25 documented subspecies, whose main differences lie in their size, hair color and the shape of their antlers.

How it relates to

Regarding their way of relating to each other, we should point out that deer form groups according to their age and height. On the one hand, females live in herds formed by dozens of specimens with their youngest offspring. On the other hand, males choose to live in much smaller groups of a maximum of five individuals or even alone.

The rut

Thus, a male will only approach females during the rutting season. This is when the incredible natural phenomenon of the rut begins: an emotional and at times brutal fight for control of the females. Listening to the rut will be the best way to discover how this spectacular and emotional episode of nature unfolds. 

Throughout the breeding season, male deer do not feed: the reason for this is that they spend the whole day fighting or copulating with the females they have won. Thus, it is common for the weaker or younger bucks to die of starvation and exhaustion. 

Horn development

On a more physical level, it should be noted that the horns of males develop during the summer in order to achieve greater size and length. The number of tips increases with the age of the specimen. It is in autumn when the horns lose the fuzz (hair or fluff) that covers them due to the action of the males themselves, who make them come off by rubbing their heads against the tree trunks.

Back to normality

Once the mating season is over, it is common for males to leave the herd they have conquered. It is rare, but some may stay with them for another month. In February, all males have already lost their horns and it will be in the following months when they will renew them again. The females will give birth to one or two young eight months after the rut, at the beginning of summer. The fawns may follow their mother soon after birth, but she usually prefers to hide them in the forest and come regularly to nurse them until they are three months old. At two years of age, the females are already adults. Males, on the other hand, reach maturity at three years of age. However, it will take a few more years before they are able to fight against the veterans and mate. 

An unrepeatable experience

Listening to the rutting is a spectacle of life that summarizes the essence of nature. Emotional, unique, grandiose, sometimes heartbreaking, enjoying an experience like this will be the most authentic way to discover the most natural, wildest world that surrounds us.

What you should know


Experience suitable for all ages. ages.

Maximum 10 people.

Exclusive VIP Berrea for 2 pax.


It is advisable to wear warm clothes and footwear to enjoy this experience.

Cancellation Policy

All experiences are cancellable up to 48 hours before the start of the activity.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our cancellation policy.

Opinions about this experience

Ara Ce Li <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Ara Ce Li From Facebook

Espectacular! Las cabañas son preciosas, cuidadas hasta el último detalle. Lo de la piscina en la terraza es… 😍 Además el entorno es impresionante! Lo recomiendo 100%.

Hugo EB <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Hugo EB From Facebook

Es uno de esos sitios con encanto que solo con verlo te tasmite paz y tranquilidad, estoy deseando poder alojarme y disfrutar de una puesta de sol en la terraza.

Sonia Valdelvira <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Sonia Valdelvira From Facebook

Es un lugar encantador, con todas las comodidades para que te sientas especial, una experiencia maravillosa, lo recomiendo.

Pablo Granell <i style="display: block; font-weight: 400; font-size: 14px; color: #999999;">Desde Facebook</i>

Pablo Granell From Facebook

La propuesta de alojamiento es única, un glamping con todos los detalles, vistas únicas, tranquilidad y un servicio cercano y profesional.

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