Disfruta la Dehesa Experiences de diferentes maneras

The environment of Sierra Morena has an extraordinary and unique landscape, dominated by oaks, olive trees, pine forests and a great variety of fauna and flora. For all these reasons, at La Dehesa Experiences we feel privileged to have such a wonderful environment that is ideal for all kinds of outdoor experiences.

En la Dehesa Experiences contamos con una gran variedad de actividades, que varían según las estaciones, ofrecidas por los mejores profesionales de la zona y que cuentan con la máxima experiencia en el entorno en el que nos encontramos. Por todo esto, las experiencias que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes, tienen los mejores estándares de calidad y son aptas para todos los públicos:

Safari fotográfico

In this experience you can enjoy the environment in a different way and has different safaris that can be performed depending on the types of animals to observe. All have a hide (hide with spy glass fully equipped to see the animals up close without disturbing them or altering their behavior) in masonry from which you can enjoy birds of prey such as: the imperial eagle, Bonelli's eagle, short-toed eagle, eagle owl or the famous and difficult to see, the Iberian lynx.

Recomendamos para realizar esta experiencia usar ropa oscura y calzado cómodo, además de llevar prismáticos y cámara de fotos o video para así poder inmortalizar la fauna. Estos safaris serían los siguientes:

  • Hide del Águila Perdicera, from where you can enjoy birds such as the Bonelli's eagle, the solitary rock thrush, the black-tailed pintail, the jay, the hoopoe and the griffon vulture.
  • Hide de las Rapaces de la Dehesa, in this other hide you can observe birds such as the buzzard, the booted eagle and the Iberian imperial eagle.
  • Hide de la Dehesa pond, in this last hide, more than 20 species such as: wood pigeons, turtle doves, hawfinches and nuthatches, among others, usually come to the hide.
  • Hide of the Iberian Lynx. This hide is located in an olive grove area of Sierra, in Adamuz (Córdoba). During the months of autumn and winter the activity can be good for the observation/photography of Iberian Lynx at any time of the day so we recommend access in the morning before dawn. During the months of spring and summer the activity is more crepuscular, that is to say, it intensifies at dawn and dusk being the central hours of the day the least propitious. In addition, this hide has an artificial lighting system with LED light bulbs that allows night sessions, highly recommended in summer and autumn, the sessions in this case can end at midnight. Other mammals that frequent the area and are more nocturnal are the badger and the dormouse, as well as the genet and the marten. During the day and especially between the months of August and January the activity is very high in terms of the presence of more than 20 species of birds that visit a pond that is placed 2 meters from the observatory (hide) so the wait is more entertaining.

Experiencias de cata

This gastronomic experience can be enjoyed within the facilities of the estate. Our professional sommelier Rodrigo Pardo will make you enjoy the different types of wines, among which we highlight the queen grape of the province of Cordoba, the Pedro Ximenez. Within the wine tasting we have the tasting edition "Discover Montilla Moriles" where you can enjoy a unique experience, as you taste the different wines that the PDO Montilla-Moriles has. Another of the tastings we have is the "Andalucía Inmensa" edition, where you can take a trip through the different wines we have within the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

Experiencia de aventura de vuelo inmersivo con dron

Una aventura apta para todos los públicos donde nos adentramos en nuestro propio bosque de encinas y hacemos un viaje virtual usando unas gafas de realidad virtual y un dron, el cual muestra en un ratio de ocho kilómetros el increíble paisaje con el que contamos dentro de la finca y todo el enclave natural que nos rodea. Una experiencia increíble a vista de pájaro y rodeados de naturaleza.

Wood therapy experience

Rest is one of the main reasons why our clients choose us for their getaways. At La Dehesa Experiences we have thought of everything so that during the stay, our guests have all the possible comforts. One of our most outstanding experiences is wood therapy, originally from Colombia. This activity is also known as the queen of massage, for its naturalness and effectiveness, as they make use of wooden utensils and special oils to make your massage exceptional.

This type of massage helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce cellulite, tone and firm the body. In addition, this experience helps to improve blood circulation, thus producing elastin and collagen, and helping to drain fluids from the body. You will be able to perform massages in the following areas: facial, arms, abdomen and back, legs and buttocks.

The sessions are 45 minutes long, during which you can enjoy this special experience at sunset on the terrace of the lodge or inside.

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Horseback riding in Sierra Morena

Just 10 minutes away from Dehesa Experiences, we have another of the most demanded experiences, the Horseback Riding Route. This activity is suitable for all ages and lasts approximately 1 hour, where you can enjoy an unforgettable route on the backs of extraordinary horses trained by the best equestrian guides.

La Berrea and Deer Trail

This hiking experience is enjoyed in the Finca de los Montes Comunales, about 6 km away and with an approximate duration of 3 hours, it can be done at sunrise and sunset and is suitable for all audiences. This experience is available between September 20 and October 22.

The route aims to listen and contemplate the deer in the time of the claim, which takes place at the beginning of autumn after the first rains. A spectacular ritual where the males "call" the females with the intention of mating, and the louder the sound they emit, the easier it is to achieve the objective. The experience takes place in a private farm, going down to the lagoons where it is easier to see them, since they come down to drink and there is no saturation of people that can scare them. Listening to this spectacle of nature live is a real privilege offered by this unique natural environment.

Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by a group of experts who will ensure a spectacular tour and explanations of the entire environment. It is only necessary to wear suitable clothing for hiking, not to wear perfumed clothes and to always have the utmost respect for nature. The transfer to the farm is included.

The Sound of the Stars Experience

In this unique experience you can enjoy the starry sky of Sierra Morena, which was declared Staligth by UNESCO in 2012. So you can contemplate one of the least luminously polluted skies and with the best situation to observe the firmament.

It will begin in our own farm just at sunset, watching the wonderful sunsets, then a small walking route through the Dehesa and continuously on a mats enjoy an interesting explanation about the planets, the stars and curiosities about the constellations. As a cherry on top of this experience, the explanation will be accompanied all the time with live guitar music, performed by the national guitar award winner Alberto Lucena and the session closes with the original soundtrack "The sound of the stars". This experience can be enjoyed from October 20 every Saturday.